On behalf of the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Chinese Association (NZCA), we extend a warm invitation to the 58th NZCA Annual Sports & Cultural Tournament.

We’re extremely excited to host participants in our friendly city and look forward to providing a range of great opportunities to make new friends and

meet with old ones again in the spirit of goodwill, community and sporting & cultural tradition.

The tournament theme this year is “Past, Present, Future” focusing especially on the concept that the future of this tournament, and indeed the future of the Chinese in the New Zealand community, lies in the development of confidence, pride and particularly leadership skills within our young people.

On this note, it is great to see that a good number of this year’s tournament organising committee are aged under 25; all possessing terrific ideas, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities.

Please keep checking this website for updates and announcements on the forthcoming tournament and be sure to send your entry forms in by due date of 3 March 2006.

We look forward to seeing you in Wellington.

Mark Ngan Kee
Tournament Organising Committee

021 684 768